Omnis Panels will be the specialized and exclusive US distributor of SikaTack® Panels. 

Popular across Europe and with rising interest in the US, the SikaTack® Panel System is a high-performance bonding solution uniquely designed to aesthetically fix ventilated façade rainscreen panels to a sub-frame system. In addition, SikaTack® Panel-50 is a tested structural sealant that replaces rivets and screws seen on the exterior of building panels and provides architects, installers, and contractors with competitive and creative opportunities for a practical facade design and productive installation process.

According to John Babun, Director of Building Components with Sika Corporation 

“We are looking forward to working with Omnis Panels. Their nationwide representation, expertise in the rainscreen panel market, and dedication to the rainscreen community add value to the SikaTack® Panel System and the products and services provided by Sika’s Vertical Glass Team.”


From Beau Preston, President of Omnis Panels

“We are thrilled to add the SikaTack® Panel System to our product lineup. Sika’s worldwide reputation for innovative, sustainable, and long-lasting solutions in the construction and building industry is directly aligned with our core business.”


From Brad Preston, Sales Manager of Omnis Panel

“Our installers love the cost-effective and fast installation of SikaTack® Panel System. Architects looking for a smooth appearance for exterior wall panels will appreciate the system, an ideal complement to our Steni and Petrarch engineered stone panels. In addition to the strength of the attachment that Sika’s panel bonding system provides, it allows our rainscreen façades to become a perfectly clean canvas for natural, graphic, or color designs.”


SikaTack® Panel System costs up to 40% less compared to hidden mechanical fixation. Fast installation makes the SikaTack® Panel System extremely cost-effective. The strength of the SikaTack® Panel System system absorbs dynamic and static stresses, as well as elevated façade temperatures.

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