With the push to go virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic, one has to wonder. Are virtual trade shows here to stay?

There are some definite pluses to remotely hosting these trade shows: the savings on cost of travel and exhibiting, the ability to draw in more attendees (which can lead to more qualified and beneficial leads and increased exposure), and perhaps the most beneficial aspect of these virtual trade shows—at least for this author—is the option of various forms of media you can get from attending. All of these aspects can enhance the sales experience.

Building Enclosure polled our readers to see where they stood when it came to going back to in-person trade shows, and the answer was clear: “it’s too soon to decide” was the overwhelming response with 60 percent of the voters polling. The other answers were “I’m ready now” (20 percent) and “within six months” (20 percent).

In-person trade shows tend to offer a more exciting experience for the attendees. They also have zero risk of technical failures. One cannot deny the benefits of the in-person trade show, and I’m sure many of our readers are eager for the socialization aspect of them alone.

With so many benefits of attending these conferences virtually, it will be interesting to see who stays virtual, who decides to have a hybrid event, and who scraps the virtual aspect of them altogether. Either way, we look forward to attending and “seeing” you all very soon!

Are you loving or hating the virtual trade shows you’ve been attending? Do you have any thoughts on what the future of trade shows hold? I’d love to hear them! Let’s connect at lewisl@bnpmedia.com