IMETCO has introduced SYNTHEON ACCEL-E panels with its line of metal cladding and rainscreen products to provide a fully integrated stud-to-cladding wall assembly under a single-source warranty. The ACCEL-E Steel Thermal Efficient wall panel, manufactured by Pittsburgh-based SYNTHEON, Inc., is a system that combines framing and insulation into one easy step. The secret behind ACCEL-E is an exclusive manufacturing process: expanded polystyrene (EPS) and cold-formed steel framing studs are fused together into a single, continuous panel plank. This eliminates air gaps and irregularities that can greatly diminish the performance of conventional framing and insulation. Specially designed slots in the studs allow insulation to mold through the steel, which virtually eliminates thermal bridging to further improve energy efficiency. As a result, ACCEL-E exceeds IECC thermal code requirements. ACCEL-E is also Greenguard® Indoor Air Quality Certified. The EPS foam insulation does not shrink, settle, emit harmful VOC gases or contribute to diminished air quality. In addition, the steel framing members are made of recycled steel, and are themselves recyclable. For more information, visit