The DuPont™ ArmorWall™ System is a premium, high-performance wall assembly, incorporating five traditional building enclosure elements: structural sheathing, fire-resistance, continuous air barrier, water-resistive and vapor control barrier and low-GWP continuous insulation layer.


ArmorWall™ Systems enable multiple cladding attachment points virtually anywhere on the panel without requiring attachment back to the stud frame assembly or substrate. Attaching brick, aluminum composite material (ACM) or even solar panels are no problem for ArmorWall™ thanks to its unique Magnesium Oxide (MgO) sheathing, providing exceptional strength and durability.

Additional features:

• Fusion Technology delivers high R-value per inch

• Proven performance for 1- and 2-hour fire ratings and NFPA 285 compliance

• Third-party verified performance featured in five ICC-ES Listings

• Streamlines installation saving time, labor and material costs

• Certified by GreenCircle and eligible for LEED credits

• Optimizes energy performance enabling ASHRAE 90.1 continuous insulation and thermal bridging compliance and beyond

• Reduces onsite waste since fluid barriers, weather-resistive barriers and structural furring such as hat channels are no longer needed to be installed separately