The X-Wall System is a Huntsman Building Solutions wall assembly design concept solution for architects and builders. With X-Wall, closed cell spray foam insulation is installed completely from the exterior and will cut the thermal bridge of the structure. The advantage of the assembly design is that you get all of the required properties of a high-performance building envelope using a single product (closed cell spray foam), which functions as an all-in-one insulation, air barrier, vapor retarder, and water resistive barrier. X-Wall System is an answer to the ever-increasing requirements for continuous insulation (CI), which have led to many buildings now having all the insulation on the exterior. The continuous insulation application of X-Wall System enables much better performance in the areas of R-value and U-factor, as the thermal bridges are reduced. Steel studs can then be thinner and empty, leaving room for electrical systems.

Benefits of the X-Wall System include:

·      Compatible with most common building materials and other air barrier auxiliary products.

·      Product applied completely from the exterior and thermal bridging reduced

·      Water Resistive Barrier tested. No need for transition or full surface membranes.

·      Fewer products to install equals cost savings.

·      Maximum speed of installation, requiring fewer workers and reduction in construction costs.

·      One product provides four key functions: insulation, air barrier, vapor retarder and water resistive barrier.

·      Width of the wall can be thinner when no insulation is required in the cavity.

·      Less risk for condensation as one product provides all the properties of the envelope.

·      NFPA 285 compliant with many different cladding materials.

·      Assembly design includes Huntsman Building Solutions’ most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly closed cell spray foam insulation:

HEATLOK HFO Pro. This spray foam includes a blowing agent with an ultra-low Global Warming Potential rating of 1, which is 99.9% lower than conventional HFC blowing agents commonly used with closed cell spray foam products.