Drexel Metals' new Timber Series includes five soffit and wall panel finishes that fuse the timeless look of wood with the unwavering durability of metal. The timber visuals are offered in a variety of shades ranging from rich browns to gray and soft white, and a consistent wood grain pattern allows for coordination with other project surfaces.

Drexel Metal’s latest offering is virtually indistinguishable from authentic wood and empowers architects and designers with boundless creative possibilities on surfaces that excel in functionality and performance. 

The five new visuals utilize a 4-coat PVDF finish system, qualifying them for a 40-year Print Coat System Limited Warranty. To ensure a seamless integration with a project's needs, the Timber Series is offered in a variety of substrates and coil widths. Panels are offered in 24-gauge steel and .032" aluminum.

Suitable for all Drexel Metals’ soffit and wall panels, Timber Series coils can be obtained in coil widths up to 48".