In the category of architectural products, Construction Specialties provides solutions that balance both performance and aesthetics. But new capabilities in digital printing have elevated the global building product manufacturer’s façade solutions to a new level of visual impact.

Introducing Façades by Design™. This highly customizable innovation allows the application of imagery onto any flat surface including perforated sheet, linear sun controls, and louvers as well as custom profiles and extrusions. Architects and designers can consider incorporating photography, graphics, patterns, and color into their design planning, using these elements to support any kind of branding and even serve as signage or wayfinding.

The powder-coated images are backed by a 10-year warranty, are scratch- and fade-resistant and AAMA 2604 compliant. From a sustainability standpoint, the graphics are printed on material with recycled content and the factory applied powder-coated finish is a low- to no-VOC coating.

CS also offers the benefit of single-sourced responsibility. In addition to design, CS provides a fully engineered system with attachments back to the building. Technical support is also included through a dedicated project manager that will walk the customer through the design process from material selection to final image and layout approval.

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