Construction Specialties, Inc. (CS), a leading manufacturer of specialty building products, announces its acquisition of Platform Manufacturing Group LLC, a steel fabrication company based in Melissa, Texas. The acquisition will expand the company’s capabilities using steel to design products for enhanced building resilience.


“I couldn’t be more excited about this acquisition,” said Frank Probst, President & CEO of Construction Specialties. “Our team has been working tirelessly to improve and innovate products that answer our customers’ needs. CS is known for setting industry standards and continually looking to raise the bar. Now that we have steel as an added capability, we look forward to entering new markets and partnering on new project opportunities.”


What is special about Platform is its unique product portfolio including balconies, bridges, and its patented modular stair systems, among other products. Stairs, for example, are typically supplied by miscellaneous metal fabricators, and the accommodation of critical building movement is often overlooked or excluded from the design. While working closely with the engineering community, CS identified a gap within the evolving seismic market — stairs that remain intact while accommodating building drift. The combined know-how of CS’s seismic expertise and Platform’s modular stairs promises a soon-to-be-announced solution to deal with this long-standing industry challenge.


“This acquisition enables our people to have a better future with opportunities that are going to be exciting to watch over the coming years,” said Jeremy Michels, a former shareholder of Platform, and now CS Business Unit Manager. “CS and the Platform crew combined together will offer a deliverable package to the construction industry for seismically rated stairs. We will have multiple products in the stair category that will provide solutions to our customers that will help them gain a competitive advantage.”


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