New York City-based construction and development services firm CNY Group announced the promotion of Joanna Hung to Project Executive. The promotion reinforces CNY Group’s commitment to cultivating and empowering its in-house talent, recognizing continued excellence in leadership and client service across the firm's diverse portfolio of work.

“Joanna exemplifies a level of expertise that is far beyond her years, serving our clients and our community with an impeccable sense of resolve,” says Ken Colao, Founding Principal & President at CNY Group. “While growing into an outstanding leader in her time at CNY Group, Joanna has also wholly embraced our value-driven mission and helped to advance our collaborative, people-oriented culture. We look forward to Joanna's exciting future in continuing to shape our organization's reputation as we take on increasingly more complex projects across the Tri-state area."

Ms. Hung brings almost 20 years of experience in construction, architectural design, and the management of significant projects. She is an alumnus of the University of Texas at Austin, where she obtained a B. Arch and B.S. in Structural Engineering. Before joining CNY Group in 2016, Ms. Hung worked for some of the world’s most notable architecture and design-build firms designing and managing various domestic and international projects. She is a New York State registered architect and member of the AIA. Rising to her new role in just six years with CNY Group, Ms. Hung has demonstrated an adaptive, highly-engaged approach across a diverse array of projects –– including those in the residential, commercial, transportation, and institutional sectors. Lauded by Real Estate Weekly as a 2019 Rising Star, her professionalism and passion for project management , new technology, and affordable housing have brought further dexterity to CNY Group's suite of services and encouraged new business development opportunities for the firm.

“CNY Group has given me the unique opportunity to flourish in my fascination for the built environment and apply my background and perspective towards our processes,” said Ms. Hung. “In my time at the firm, I have proudly worked on projects that spur my interests across multiple sectors in architecture and construction. In my new role, I hope to further drive the success of projects CNY undertakes and inspire young people entering the industry to leverage the power of hard work and dedication, regardless of age, background, or tenure, to bring their contributions to the table.”

As Project Executive, Ms. Hung will orchestrate each component of a project's life cycle, overseeing the successful execution of every stage from preconstruction to closeout –– including initial development, pre-construction, and design assist services, as well as risk advisory and management. She will also lead efforts in building long-term relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders, and contribute to the firm’s business development endeavors in the proposal and bidding process. Additionally, while maintaining CNY Group's highest professional standards, Ms. Hung will be responsible for providing overall direction, mentorship, and training opportunities for her team members to strengthen capabilities at all levels of the business––both directly and through her role on CNY Group’s Operations Council, which serves as a knowledge-sharing exchange platform for the firm’s senior-level executives.