CENTRIA, the world’s leading provider of high-performance building envelopes, is proud to introduce a copper substrate offering to the Intercept modular metal panel system. The new copper substrate is available in CENTRIA’s Intercept Entyre line of modular metal panels and integrates seamlessly with all other Intercept product offerings, including the Intercept LVLZ, RZR, and HLZ profiles and additional metal substrates.  

“CENTRIA continues to help the architectural community change the face of its buildings with the latest addition to the innovative Intercept modular metal panel system,” says Julie Schessler, Product Manager – Rainscreen Systems, CENTRIA. “The addition of Intercept Copper meets the industry’s growing design trend toward natural metals, which provide not only dynamic aesthetics, durability, and performance, but also enhanced sustainability with minimal maintenance requirements and enhanced recyclability.”

Intercept Copper combines dynamic durability and performance with a brilliant copper aesthetic that evolves over time. Copper’s natural patina displays a stunning visual transformation while providing inherent corrosion resistance. Intercept Copper is available in CENTRIA’s standard Entyre depth of 1-3/8 inches and modules of up to 20 inches for both vertical and horizontal applications. Intercept Entyre panels are also available in standard aluminum, zinc, or stainless-steel substrates. 

Launched in 2014, the Intercept modular metal panel system introduced a new level of dynamic aesthetics and versatility to the single-skin metal panel market. The light-gauge, monolithic panels offer an economical solution for complex building envelope applications. Intercept modular metal panels form a complete rainscreen system when installed over CENTRIA’s MetalWrap insulated composite backup panels.