YKK AP America, Inc. (YKK AP) expands its line of high-performing window wall systems with the introduction of two new products. The YWW 50 TU and YWW 60 TU thermally broken window wall systems offer clean design, fast installation and maximum design versatility, offering a competitive alternative to curtain wall for mid-to-high-rise building applications like hotels and multifamily residential buildings.

The YWW 50 TU and YWW 60 TU window wall systems were designed to round out YKK AP’s already successful line of window wall systems, with higher thermal performance and the ability to handle heavier design loads for oversized panels of glass. The YWW 50 TU window wall system was created out of the need for a flexible window wall product to adapt to innovative architectural designs, like that of a continuously changing radius, while the YWW 60 TU window wall system was designed specifically to handle heavier design loads, spanning floor to floor and providing high acoustical and thermal performance. Each system offers a unique slab-edge cover provides a clean look for modern designs, and structural silicone glazing is an option for a slimmer sightline.

“As today’s design landscape changes, we are proud to continue creating innovative products that address the evolving needs of the market,” said Mike Turner, senior vice president of sales and marketing at YKK AP America Inc. “There is a desire within the market for larger panels of glass and more innovative shapes, as well as higher acoustical and thermal performance. We listened to our customers, and developed the YWW 50 TU and YWW 60 TU to meet these evolving needs.”

The YWW 50 and 60 TU window wall systems feature a U-factor of 0.29 BTU/HR/SF and incorporate a glass pane that is set to the front to maximize thermal performance, and is also enhanced by YKK AP’s patented MegaTherm thermal break technology, providing dual finish capability. Designed to accommodate 1” glazing infill, or 1⁄4” infill using adapters, the YWW 50 TU and YWW 60 TU can be stick-built in 5” or 6”, or unitized, with mullion options allowing glazing from the interior or exterior. Screw spline assembly makes fabrication and installation more efficient.