With the introduction of a new direct attach installation option for its line of SoundScapes Blades linear acoustical panels, Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions offers maximum design flexibility, making it possible to attach the panels directly to decks, ceilings or walls, including drywall, metal, or other surfaces.

The direct attach option requires no main beams or cross tees. This makes it ideal in spaces with limited ceiling height that may prevent the panels from being attached to a suspension system or in exposed structure spaces that have enough height for acoustical treatments but have obstructions that make ceiling installation difficult.

With the addition of the new direct attach option, designers have the flexibility to install the vertical panels from the metal deck, drywall ceiling, or wall, using a Prelude 15/16-inch suspension system, a hanging kit, or the direct attach method with Axiom Wall Molding.

Excellent Acoustical Absorption
SoundScapes Blades panels combine excellent acoustical absorption with upscale linear design to reduce reverberation time in spaces. For example, an untreated 1,000 square foot exposed structure space has a reverberation time of 2.4 seconds. By installing forty 22" x 46" panels, which represents three percent ceiling coverage, the reverberation time is reduced to 1.0 second, providing a better level of noise reduction in spaces where speech privacy is not a concern.

SoundScapes Blades acoustical panels are offered in 20 standard lengths, depths and shapes, including rectangles and curved bottom designs that can be specified in wave, concave, and convex designs, providing unlimited design possibilities. Custom designs are available and the panels are offered in standard Colorations and custom Sherwin-Williams colors.

The panels are seismic tested and approved and have a Class A fire rating. They are made from 71 percent recycled material and can be recycled at the end of their service life.

SoundScapes Blades panels are part of a broad portfolio of acoustical design solutions Armstrong Ceilings offers for exposed structure projects, including a variety of baffles and blades vertical elements, clouds and canopies, custom specialty options like metal and wood, and new InvisAcoustics Basics, a direct-to-deck panel option for reducing noise in exposed structure spaces.

For more information about SoundScapes Blades panels, including a colorful new brochure featuring 21 different layout designs, visit armstrongceilings.com/soundscapesblades.

To view the diverse range of acoustical design options Armstrong Ceilings offers for exposed structure projects, visit armstrongceilings.com/exposedstructure.