St. Louis-based G&S Acoustics, a leading manufacturer of specialty acoustical wall and ceiling products, is introducing Melody, sound-absorbing recycled polyester acoustical panels. Melody is G&S Acoustics’ newest line of customized polyester panels, available in four models that provide unlimited design possibilities and exceptional environmental benefits.

“This is our latest product introduction made up of recycled material, and we are very pleased with the options and flexibility available,” says Herb Golterman.  “The Melody line allows design teams to meet their clients’ sound control needs with an eco-friendly alternative that’s unique and customizable.”

Melody acoustical panels are made of post-consumer waste from recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles, ensuring a low impact on the environment. Recycled polyester provides safe, chemical-free conditions for optimum human and planetary health.

Lightweight but durable, Melody panels are mold and fungal resistant per ASTM C1338, as well as bleach cleanable (10:1), making them a superior product choice for hospitals and indoor pools. They are Class A fire-rated per ASTM E84 and meet sound absorptive 70 to 1.25 NRC requirements.

From intriguing sound-absorbing wall panel designs to overhead clouds or tiles, the Melody product line offers limitless design options for soundproofing applications. Available in custom sizes and shapes, designers can choose from a selection of available finishes which include white polyester, fabric wrapped, painted, custom printed, and felt, all available in 1” or 2” thickness.


The Melody line features four products — all available in standard and custom sizes and shapes up to 4’ x 8’.


Melody mFLOATS Ceiling Clouds

  • Custom shaped recycled polyester sound-absorbing panels independently hung from the ceiling
  • Suspended at any angle, depending on desired design and acoustical effect
  • Available in square, circular, triangular, rectangular, polygon and trapezoid shapes


Melody mVERSE Baffles

  • Sound control for isolating noise and absorbing sound in open ceiling areas
  • Individually hung from existing ceiling grid systems, roof decks or bar joists
  • Available in range, wave, and flat designs


Melody mSCORES Wall Panels

  • Sound-absorbing recycled polyester wall panels featuring full wall applications, shape clusters and individual shapes
  • Create a comfortable environment by reducing noise reverberation
  • Available in rectangular, diamond, hexagon, polygon, and trapezoid shapes


Melody mTILES Ceiling Tiles

  • Flat, sound-absorbing, recycled polyester ceiling tiles
  • Multiple installation methods, including lay-in grids and direct applied with pucks or adhesive


G&S Acoustics designs and manufactures the Melody line at its corporate headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. For more information, visit