Alpha Pro Tech Ltd., a leading manufacturer of products designed to protect people, products and environments, including disposable protective apparel and building products, today announced it has signed an exclusive contract with JX Nippon ANCI Inc., a manufacturer and seller of nonwoven mesh fabrics to launch REX Wrap Fortis House Wraps with JX ALTA 360o Drainage Technology, a line of housewrap utilizing the revolutionary JX ALTA 360o Drainage Technology. The new product line will be marketed by APT and JX Nippon ANCI Inc. The exclusive agreement covers North America, parts of the Caribbean and Belize through 2020, as well as automatic extensions for two year periods provided sales forecast are attained.  

With its one-of-a-kind construction, REX Wrap Fortis with JX ALTA 360o Drainage Technology uniquely enables the drainage of water in EVERY direction to protect buildings from the elements exponentially better than a traditional housewrap while decreasing jobsite material waste, simplifying installation to reduce labor and carrying fewer products. The line comes in three variations, High-P, for those climates needing a high perm product, Low-P, for those climates needing a low perm product and a Commercial version made specifically for large format/high-rise applications that need to meet the NFPA 285 fire codes. All three products may be used as a component to an EFIS or one-coat stucco system and meet the code requirements as an air barrier as well. No other house wrap product on the market today offers these unique abilities and significant benefits.

Lloyd Hoffman, CEO of Alpha Pro Tech, commented, “Our new REX Wrap Fortis house wrap line provides us with a substantial opportunity in a segment of the house wrap market that we have not yet tapped into, significantly expanding the growth opportunities in our Building segment. We already have commitments from building contractors to use REX Wrap Fortis with JX ALTA 360o Drainage Technology in their upcoming construction projects. The initial customer response has been extremely positive as contractors recognize the quality of the product and its unique features. As part of our commitment to our customers and shareholders, we continually look to develop and market innovative, high-quality value-added products.”

Alvin Everson, President of JX Nippon ANCI Inc. commented, “The relationship with APT represents a powerful opportunity for us to extend the use of our fabrics to a line of cutting-edge products. We are excited to work with APT to offer the most technologically-advanced housewraps on the market.”

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