With the introduction of Tectum® DesignArt™– Lines Finale™ PB ceiling and wall panels, Armstrong World Industries offers architects and designers an opportunity to deliver unique visuals created by panels providing excellent sound absorption.
Tectum DesignArt – Lines Finale PB panels come in 29 standard routed panels, including 14 designs for 24" x 24" panels and 15 designs for 24" x 48" panels. Panels are available in 24 nature-inspired colors, unpainted Natural, and several made-to-order colors.
Manufactured with an acoustical infill made with a plant-based binder and integrated furring strips, the one-inch-thick direct-attach panels provide maximum sound control up to NRC 0.85. In addition, the panels install 2.5 times faster than other direct-attach panels while offering the same acoustic performance.
Tectum DesignArt Lines – Finale PB ceiling and wall panels have UL® Certified acoustics with acoustical testing and reporting that align with industrywide best practices.
“With their authentic and unique texture, color, and routed designs, these panels transform interior aesthetics while also controlling acoustics,” said John Kain, Sr. Business Manager, Tectum, at Armstrong. “With an NRC of up to 0.85, these panels offer the highest NRC value of any product within the Tectum DesignArt family.”
Precision routing of the lines within the panels allows the different panel designs to connect seamlessly to create distinctive visuals. Made to work together, Tectum DesignArt – Lines Finale PB panels and Tectum DesignArt – Shapes can be mixed and matched to form a one-of-a-kind pattern. The online Armstrong Pattern Gallery includes more than 100 variations of pre-designed patterns with unlimited customization possibilities.
Tectum DesignArt – Lines Finale PB panels are made from sustainably-harvested Wisconsin Aspen trees, contain 98% USDA Biobased content, and are Build America, Buy America Act (BABAA) compliant. The panels are also part of the Armstrong® Sustain® portfolio, meeting the most stringent sustainability compliance standards today, and the Armstrong® CleanAssure™ family of products, including disinfectable panels, suspension systems, and trims.
For more information about Tectum DesignArt – Lines Finale PB, visit armstrongceilings.com/designart.
For ideas on creating unique ceiling and wall designs using Tectum DesignArt – Lines Finale PB panels, visit the Armstrong online pattern gallery at armstrongceilings.com/patterngallery.