Tapered insulation is a useful tool for improving drainage in low-slope roof assemblies, but it can also be confusing. 

Join us for a free webinar on July 30th at 2pm EST as we showcase different projects and how they have successfully implemented tapered design into their roof assemblies through iterative design and specific language in their specification.

Two of our presenters, Veronika Chwieroth, Senior Sales Design Specialist for GAF, and Jennifer Keegan, Senior Director of Building & Roofing Science for GAF, chat with us as they preview what to expect during the live webinar. 

After the webinar, attendees will be able to:

  1. Prepare specifications that include tapered insulation.
  2. Describe the impact of language change in IECC 2021 compared to IECC 2018.
  3. Evaluate multiple options to find optimal tapered design solutions by changing things such as the location of drains and size of crickets.
  4. Analyze the impacts of not including proper roof drainage in your design and design documents based on a contractor’s perspective.

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