The Valley Club in Hailey, Idaho, established in 1996, has evolved into “an extraordinary haven for those seeking golfing excellence and unparalleled lifestyle amenities.” To maintain that status and develop a solution for a failing wood shake roofing system, The Club chose to install metal roofing from the Natural FX Coatings palette offered by The Bryer Company.

Replacing the wood shakes with another wood shake roof was not an option because of an ordinance in Blaine County, Idaho, prohibiting the use of wood roof coverings for new construction, additions and re-roofs. The Natural FX Coatings options provided a very pleasing aesthetic and much more durable product.

Miley Roofing of Hailey, Idaho, formed onsite and installed 38,000 square feet of 22-gauge FX Iron Oxide standing seam roofing panels for the re-roofing project at The Valley Club. Panels are 16 inches wide with a 1-1/2-inch seam. The Natural FX Coatings line is a cutting edge PVDF system featuring a multi-coat finish to create patterns and depth. FX Iron Oxide gives the appearance of a rusty metal roof without the rusty stain drippings. 

“The original ridge caps and chimney caps were a rusty metal material and the members at The Club liked that look,” says Troy Quesnel, owner of Miley Roofing. “FX Iron Oxide has a unique look and a random pattern, which is important on the 50-foot panels we installed at The Club.”

In the spring of 2023, Miley Roofing was called in to get everything ready to tear off the shake roof and install the standing seam metal roofing. The first order of business was shoveling snow off the roof following a winter marked by large snowstorms.  

With a tight deadline before the first big golf event of the year, the Miley Roofing crew completed the job in about six weeks. Miley Roofing owns and operates two portable roll formers. Quesnel says they bought the first one about 20 years ago and a second roll former four years ago. The newer machine was used on this project and each day, the Miley crew calculated a plan of attack. Working in constant communication, the ground crew ran the panels needed by the installation crew on a particular day.

“Every successful project is a credit to our crews,” Quesnel says. “They truly are craftsmen, so we do our best to take care of them. We have very little turnover. Our employees are invested in the community and so are we.”

Quesnel says when they bid a job, they determine the best crew for that job. He takes the crew lead with him, who provides valuable input on cost estimation, considering roofing material, square footage, access, slope as well as removal and disposal of old roofing. 

Everything went smoothly on The Valley Club project. 

“The members really like it,” Quesnel says. “Everyone is happy with the look and the performance. It’s received great reviews from the community and it’s certainly a signature project for us, because of the size and the FX Iron Oxide coating. We’re already in talks about more work at The Club.”