Building a new home, or re-roofing an existing home, can be an anxiety-filled experience. Gerard stone-coated metal roofing systems ease that fretting anxiety for homeowners and contractors.

The customary apprehensions about roofing—whether about strength and endurance, or resistance to wind, hail, snow, ice and earthquakes—are either eliminated or greatly reduced when the roofing system is Gerard.

If you think durability comes at the expense of good looks, think again. Gerard, a Headwaters Roofing brand, offers a broad array of colors, and a beautiful collection of roofing profiles, including shingle, shake, and tile to complement and beautify the style and finish of virtually any home or building.

Ordinary roofs need replacement every 17 years, on average. Gerard builds its stone-coated metal roofing systems to provide decades of protection. Constructed of rugged 26-gauge Galvalume steel panels, Gerard stone-coated metal roofing systems stave off elements in ways unmatched by conventional roofing materials. Hail stones, temperature extremes and the sun’s damaging UV rays all begin to wear down most roofs from the day they’re installed. By contrast, easy-to-install Gerard Roofing Systems defy fierce weather, continuing to perform year after year in worry-free fashion.

Although Gerard stone-coated metal roofing systems can be installed “direct to deck”, the optimum energy-saving method is to install on top of a batten or counter-batten grid. Using this installation method creates a beneficial air space between the roof and the home that mitigates heat loss during colder winter months, and provides a buffer against the sweltering sun during hotter summer months. The result is impressive year-round savings in energy.

Those savings extend well beyond energy cost reductions. Homeowners usually enjoy higher resale value with Gerard stone-coated metal roofing systems safeguarding their investment. In addition, Gerard qualifies for insurance discounts in most areas of the country. Homeowners can also relax with the knowledge that Gerard stone-coated metal roofing systems include a Class A Fire rating, a 2.5-inch Hailstone Warranty and a 120-mile-per-hour Wind Warranty.

Finally, with Gerard, there’s no need for concern about limited styles and colors impacting choice of roof. Whether you select Gerard’s old world architectural Barrel Vault or Classic Tile styles, Canyon Shake authentic wood shake profile, or Granite Ridge—which provides the appearance of upscale architectural asphalt shingles—they’re all available in the full collection of colors, including three that are Energy Star Approved.

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