Moody Nolan Philadelphia announced the opening of its new office in Logan Square. The firm has worked in the region for more than ten years, engaging with projects locally including Temple University’s Aramark Student Training and Recreation (STAR) Complex, West Chester University’s Recreation Center, and Pennsylvania State University’s Panzer Lacrosse Stadium.

Led by newly-appointed Director of Operations Louis Chang, Moody Nolan Philadelphia will continue its work across market sectors, including education, mixed-use, housing, civic, hospitality and life sciences, as well as service clients outside of the city, from southern New Jersey to Delaware. Current projects for the studio include University of Pittsburgh’s Recreation & Wellness Center, Chapel Block Navy Yard and the James Martin School.

“Our studio has a responsibility to serve the greater needs of Philadelphia,” says Louis Chang. “We have the unique opportunity to utilize our local and national resources, expertise, and skills to maximize our impact and create projects that support and enhance the existing communities in the city – rather than imposing ideas that don’t weave into the fabric of who the residents of Philadelphia are at their core.” 

Moody Nolan aims to positively impact the community by marrying localized perspectives with purposeful, human-driven architecture and high-performance design. As a graduate of Thomas Jefferson University and long-time Philadelphia resident, Louis aspires to make a tangible impact on the city, prioritizing the hire of local architects, many of whom live in the surrounding area, to bring an enhanced level of regional knowledge and insight to the team.

“Under Louis’ leadership, this studio will continue to champion purposefully-designed projects that create a direct impact in bettering communities,” says Jonathan Moody, president and CEO of Moody Nolan. “Philadelphia is a beautiful city full of opportunities to invest in local talent, and we look forward to watching the team grow.” 

Moody Nolan Philadelphia is located at 2001 Market Street, Suite 1110, Philadelphia, PA 19103.