BASF, with its Neopor® GPS graphite polystyrene rigid foam insulation suitable for precast insulated wall panels, has joined AltusGroup as its 10th Innovation Partner

BASF launched the ultra-low embodied carbon version of Neopor® Graphite Polystyrene called Biomass Balance (BMB) at the 2022 AIA Conference. The biomass balance approach combines renewable feedstock with traditional fossil feedstock during production allowing more fossil fuels to stay in-ground, protecting the environment and climate by reducing CO2 emissions while still delivering proven product quality. In conjunction with Habitat for Humanity, Neopor® BMB was showcased in a low-carbon concrete affordable home project in Will County, Ill. This innovative project was designed by Smith & Gill architects. 

Neopor GPS offers maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability on construction projects. It is comprised of many small pockets of air within a polymer matrix containing graphite. The graphite reflects radiant heat energy like a mirror, increasing the material's resistance to the flow of heat, or R-value. Neopor GPS is in a unique class because it increases in R-value as the temperature outside drops.

Neopor’s North America Business Manager Luis Espada said, “We are thrilled to partner with the AltusGroup to support lowering embodied carbon in buildings made of concrete to further reduce CO2 emissions in construction.”

As an Innovation Partner, BASF will collaborate with AltusGroup’s roster of 15 leading North American precasters to provide insight into increasing the thermal efficiency of CarbonCast Enclosure System products and future precast enclosure innovations that reduce the built environment’s carbon footprint.

CarbonCast High Performance Insulated Wall Panels and CarbonCast Insulated Architectural Cladding are some of the only precast panels that are versatile enough to use any commercial insulation. The unique properties of Neopor products give the building team yet another continuous insulation option for improving the R-value of their exterior walls while reducing both embedded and operational carbon,” said John Carson, executive director of AltusGroup. “The vast technical knowledge within BASF will help power our innovation drive to create precast wall systems that improve the built environment.”

AltusGroup’s Innovation Partners are among the concrete industry’s best-known suppliers and share AltusGroup’s collaborative approach to precast concrete innovation. They include ALP Supply, Eriksson Software, JVI Inc., CommandSuite, Kawneer, Master Builders Solutions, Graphic Concrete, Meadow Burke Products, and Owens Corning.