Innovative Brick Systems, the nation’s leading manufacturer of embedded thin brick systems for precast concrete surfaces, has rejoined AltusGroup as an Innovation Partner to lend its expertise and technical support to the group’s precaster members.

Innovative Brick produces concrete form liners that enable precasters to embed brick, tile, and stone into their precast products to deliver timeless finishes with high levels of quality and precision. Innovative Brick has a remarkable history in the precast industry, with a long family lineage and a commitment to innovation. The involvement of the principals in manufacturing the very first urethane rubber brick inlay form liner back in 1973 for an RMPC project in Denver demonstrates their early dedication to advancing the field. Their eight U.S. patents further attest to their contributions to the art and engineering of brick-faced precast work. With the fourth generation now part of the company, they will continue to bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the industry.

John Carson, Executive Director for AltusGroup, said, “We are pleased to have Innovative Brick back on board to collaborate with our members on advancing the integration of embedded finishes into precast walls. Innovative Brick’s focus on aesthetics perfectly complements the performance-centric precast innovations that are currently in our product development pipeline.” 

Innovative Brick formliners and embedded brick systems have been used regularly in the fabrication of CarbonCast High Performance Insulated Wall Panels, AltusGroup’s flagship technology. 

The addition of Innovative Brick expands AltusGroup’s Innovation Partner roster to nine. AltusGroup Innovation Partners work with member precasters to advance breakthrough precast concrete technology. Through AltusGroup, these companies are focusing on innovative ways to improve the performance, connectivity, aesthetics and resilience of architectural and structural precast concrete components.