Georgia-Pacific, a leading commercial and residential building products manufacturer committed to developing the highest-quality products while leading with a tireless commitment to innovation, announces the third installment of a four-part video series – “Four Dimensions of Durability in Roofing” - demonstrating the value and key benefits of choosing a gypsum coverboard to help protect against fire, wind, puncture, and hail. The third video will focus on puncture and foot traffic; videos concentrating on fire and wind were released previously and may be found here.

In a survey conducted by Ducker Worldwide, roofing consultants ranked puncture as a top threat to the lifespan of a commercial roof. Three primary sources of puncture in the roof industry exist; they are: puncture from roof installation/maintenance/assorted foot traffic; hail; and flying debris from severe weather. The Georgia-Pacific puncture video includes a “heat map” feature indicating hot spots and high-risk areas on a commercial roof that can allow unchecked moisture to spread throughout a roof assembly and breach the building.

When integrated into the roof assembly, a gypsum coverboard acts as a rigid substrate to help protect the roof assembly from membrane damage, punctures, water intrusion, while simultaneously warding off insulation damage. This concept is highlighted in the puncture video through three side-by-side tests comparing an assembly without a coverboard, an assembly with an HD ISO coverboard, and an assembly with DensDeck® Prime roofboard and how each withstands a slow-speed puncture test, a dynamic puncture test, and a screwdriver test.

Referencing testing methods and results, the “Four Dimensions of Durability in Roofing” series illustrates the advantages of adding a gypsum roof board to the roof assembly. Once completed, the entire video series will provide cross-referenced information between the elements. The final video, scheduled for summer 2023, will round out the series with a focus on hail.

The free videos are accessible online here.