With a significant climb in the average number of billion-dollar disasters over the last 40 years, proper preparation for severe storms is taking a front seat with architects and contractors alike; in order to assist both key audiences, Georgia-Pacific Building Products has introduced two pieces of valuable information: the final video installment in the “Four Dimensions of Durability in Roofing” video series will focus on hail and the importance of choosing a durable coverboard, accompanied by a free downloadable eBook on the same topic.

The hail video completes the four-part series of coverboard education videos, with one each focusing on punctures, fire, and wind. All four videos may be found on the Georgia-Pacific YouTube channel.

Titled “Design for Extreme Weather: Why You Should Specify a Resilient Roof System,” the new eBook from Georgia-Pacific focuses on the financial impact (in terms of storm damage) that has resulted from recent catastrophic weather events by sharing information regarding tracked severe weather trends and the high prices associated with recovery. As a significant part of severe weather damage throughout the very severe hail (VSH) region and beyond, the detrimental effects of very severe hail can be mitigated by choosing a coverboard, as the eBook explains. The eBook is available as a free download and can be found at https://buildgp.com/densdeck/stormx_ebook/.

“Severe storms are becoming more frequent and more widespread,” said Mikael Kuronen, director of product management for DensDeck® Roof Board. “It’s more important than ever that architects understand the growing weather challenges and specify a resilient roof system that includes a coverboard - and contractors install a coverboard - to protect construction investments.”

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