Kingspan Metal Panels North America today announces the launch of its new K-Roc™ HF Series insulated metal panels. The new K-Roc HF Series panels utilize a mineral fiber insulation core for both fire and thermal performance. 

The K-Roc HF Series panels offer superior fire protection in sensitive environments. Based on ASTM E119/ULC-S101 testing, a 4-inch wall panel earned a one-hour fire rating; a 6-inch wall panel earned a two-hour fire rating; and an 8-inch wall panel earned a three-hour fire rating. For ceiling applications, a 6-inch panel earned a one-hour fire rating. 

The mineral fiber insulation core of the K-Roc HF Series restricts heat transfer through building envelopes and reduces the demand for space heating and cooling energy. The panels deliver an R-value of 32 for an 8-inch panel. 

The K-Roc HF Series panels are available in five different profiles, including Azteco™, Flat, Micro-Rib, Mini Micro-Rib, and Shadowline, with external and internal skins available in embossed or non-embossed finished to suit heavy wash down needs in cold storage environments. 

Architects can enjoy freedom of design with these customization options, while builders can enjoy the speed of building due to the panels 42” cover width and unique fastener details. In certain light duty structures, hidden fastener details may be available depending on spans, structural loads and climatic conditions.

“K-Roc HF Series panels provide the construction industry with a new option to meet the need for fire performance, thermal performance, hygiene and speed of build,” said Karim Muri, Vice President, Marketing Services and Strategy Developments.

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