Two years ago, Bostik, Inc., a world leader in specialty adhesives and installation systems for building construction, introduced its state-of-the-art ventilated façade cladding system, PanelTack™, to North America with various ISO fire class standards. 

Today, the company announced that the PanelTack™ System met the stringent requirements of the NFPA 285 Standard Fire Test Method, displaying the fire stability and flame resistance capabilities of the system.   Additionally, PanelTack™ has met standards set forth by AAMA 501.6 Seismic Testing Method, indicating its ability to absorb vibrations caused by seismic movements, tremors, and heavy traffic- like the inherent vibrations associated with many infrastructure projects such as airports and train stations. 

Adam Abell, Bostik’s Senior Market Manager for Surface Preparation & Tiling Products, commented, “Bostik continues to develop innovative products for the construction industry, and we are proud to meet and exceed such rigorous testing with our PanelTack™ System. This seismic and fire testing allows architects and designers to specify tile and panel assemblies with confidence in both exterior and interior applications.

“Successful completion of these hard-to-pass, large scale assembly tests gives architects and designers a major solution that supports building design, durability, environmental friendliness, and strength.  The extremely high performance nature of Bostik’s PanelTack™ System is a game changer and will advance construction practices for ventilated facades, gauged porcelain tile panels, and many other cladding materials.”