Monograph—a premier practice operations platform designed to help architects and other design professionals oversee projects, timesheets, and forecasts in one integrated and simple interface—has unveiled its latest feature release, re-imagined Invoices, a new invoicing workflow built for design professionals. 

Monograph Invoices allows firms to invoice with confidence and agility, enabling team members to get back to work on hitting project deadlines. As users prepare an invoice, they’re able to see all of the timesheet data, milestone progress, and billing history—no need to go chasing in spreadsheets, conversation, and email. Once the project progress is billed for, all of that billing information is outputted in a simple, accurate invoice that customers can understand.

“Invoicing is a notoriously frustrating experience. Architects often find it challenging to put together an accurate and clear invoice. Clients end up with an invoice in their inbox that they can’t decipher,” said Monograph CEO Robert Yuen. “What we’re looking to do is decrease that friction for both sides—make an invoice easy to put together and easily understood by the client. In that way, invoicing can actually be a benefit to the overall client experience"

So far, customers have praised Invoices for its time savings and accuracy—including Heather Fleury from Centreline Architecture:

“Using Monograph for invoicing has saved our company a lot of time, for everyone involved in Invoicing projects. Within the invoicing section, the project manager can easily see the progress of his or her project, taking the guessing game out of invoicing. With Monograph, invoicing has become streamlined, ensuring there are less errors since the information is directly relayed from the manager to the administrator within the invoicing section on Monograph.”

Monograph interviewed dozens of architecture firms about their invoicing processes and learned it could also take hours for a principal or bookkeeper to understand the financial status of a particular project. Firms either configure a custom spreadsheet or run a custom report through their accounting system and compare it to their timesheet data. This invoicing workflow also includes the recently released Project Financials offering which allows firms to get a side-by-side look at project and financial progress. Whether way ahead on billing, way behind, or somewhere in between, firms have the ability to see all outstanding invoices, logged time, and project budgets in seconds.

The main benefit is more accurate tracking, and having a clear visual of where a fee is by phase of the project. This helps us make sure that as clients' wants and needs change, we’re not exceeding what we initially estimated, which we can then communicate more clearly,” said Leah Schaffer, Project Architect at Mobile Studio Design.

Fortifying its mission to improve the architecture industry, re-designed Invoices is the third major feature debuted by Monograph in the last year — following Planned Profit Report and Profit Drivers. With Planned Profit Report, firms that subscribe to the platform will be able to enter their staff’s salary information along with their overhead cost, offering further visibility in a firm’s financial health while helping them grow their profit. Profit Drivers is the first-of-its-kind tool that shows users what categories make them the most profits, which includes types of projects, clients, team members and phases. Monograph is committed to streamlining practicing operations to one centralized platform, decreasing time spent on administrative tasks and increasing time spent on projects and strategy. This suite of offerings does just that. 

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