Monograph, the #1 practice operations platform for architect and design professionals, announced its new online job board: Growing Architecture Firms. The robust website, optimized for SEO, was tailormade to help firms find great talent and expand recruiting pipeline efforts with increased exposure to high-quality candidates. Most notably, firms can add the job board as a distribution channel than traditional word-of-mouth tactics to source talent or prospects from outside their networks, creating more diversity in applicant pools.


“Companies searching for top talent will have access to Monograph’s fast-growing community of  business- and operations-minded architects, ranging from emerging professionals to retired firm owners, who regularly attend our Best Practice Webinars and professional resources,” said Robert Yuen, CEO and Co-Founder of Monograph. “The job board makes it easy for professionals—both exceptional managers and emerging leaders–to keep an eye out for the best opportunities and best practices in our industry.”


The Growing Architecture Firms job board is a valuable resource for employers seeking to hire top talent. Firms can create an account and post open positions via a simple text box where users can copy and paste job descriptions and add photos, videos, and more with various formatting options. These include bulleted lists, links, and the addition of photos and videos to visually depict their company’s portfolio, work environment, and culture. Most importantly, the website is mobile and SEO friendly, making the information more discoverable and searchable than social media or many human resource platforms used by architecture firms. Job seekers can filter by keyword, job type, and location, making it easier to find jobs online and apply to them. 


Monograph promotes new job posts through a variety of channels. First and foremost, professionals can easily subscribe to get emailed the newest jobs as daily or weekly job alerts. This subscription model distributes automatic notifications of new employment opportunities without requiring candidates to visit the platform regularly. In addition, Monograph features a selection of different posts on social media and in its weekly e-newsletter, which circulates to over 5,000 industry professionals. 


Job posts are free for Monograph customers and Best Practice guests, a virtual fireside chat series dedicated to practice operations at architecture firms and beyond. Posts from these firms will include specific tags to designate their commitment to using modern cloud-based software to help them operate a more collaborative, transparent, and profitable business. Non-Monograph customers can also add to the job board for $45 per post, or they can sign up for a 10-day trial of Monograph, which comes with unlimited job posts within that 10-day period


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