A new ASTM standard for cellular glass insulation in commercial building applications offers specifiers a higher standard of material performance when it comes to thermal resistance, dimensional stability, combustibility and more. Introduced November 1, 2020, ASTM C1902 supports architects and designers seeking to specify a higher level of performance in commercial rooftops, enclosure wall assemblies and below grade applications. 

Expressing Owens Corning’s support for ASTM C1902, Brian Caulkins, Global Platform Director, Owens Corning® FOAMGLAS® said, “We are excited to see this standard. It will help architects and specifiers clearly understand the broad range of performance properties cellular glass insulation offers throughout the enclosure. This new standard will help specifiers achieve their performance goals when it comes to moisture resistance, compressive strength, dimensional stability and sustainability.”

The new standard fills a gap in the commercial building material marketplace when it came to addressing dimensional stability and thermal resistance. Prior to ASTM C1902, the only standard for cellular glass insulation was ASTM C552 Cellular Glass Thermal Insulation, which applied specifically to industrial pipe and tank applications. The new standard supports specifiers in addressing dimensional stability and improved thermal resistance. These enhancements are especially important for mission critical buildings, which demand the highest standards of performance and resilience. “From historic weather events to more stringent codes, the AEC community is challenged to design buildings that merge resilience with high-performance,” said Caulkins. “Because cellular glass is impervious to moisture and more, it is able to handle extreme challenges.”

Owens Corning® FOAMGLAS® is working to update building codes with the new standard through the regular code cycle and through collaboration with local code officials to support the use of ASTM C1902 in place of ASTM C552 in the interim.

More information is available at www.OwensCorning.com/FOAMGLAS