A veterinary hospital, a dome-shaped vacation property, a stunning San Diego home, and a new children’s hospital are among the projects honored in the 2019 Excellence in Asphalt Roofing Awards Program, presented by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA). 

ARMA’s awards program recognizes projects from across North America that exemplify asphalt roofing’s versatility and ability to provide solutions for complex architectural challenges. The 45 submissions were judged based on four criteria: Beauty, Affordability, Reliability and “Why Asphalt?”

“It’s more apparent every year that professionals can use asphalt to solve nearly any roofing challenge,” said Reed Hitchcock, ARMA’s executive vice president. “The reasons why asphalt roofing is chosen are diverse and dynamic, yet the benefits remain constant: endurance, lifecycle value and reliability, among many more.”

M & J Construction was honored with the Gold Award for its work on the Southgate Veterinary Hospital. The Moorhead, Minnesota-based contractor reroofed the hospital with a new asphalt shingle system to help rectify extensive leaking and provide durability against North Dakota’s climate extremes.

Wedge Roofing of Petaluma, California won Silver for the Sonoma Dome, a popular vacation spot that was almost destroyed in the 2017 Nuns Fire. The contractor installed new asphalt shingles and multiple modified bitumen layers to help protect against flying debris spewed by fires.

The Bronze Award went to Professional Roofing and Solar for the Rancho Sante Fe Storybook House. After the original wood shake roof was damaged by termites and rot, a new asphalt shingle roof was installed on this massive, 11,500-square-foot home to preserve the original design.

In addition to the winning projects, four impressive projects were awarded Honorable Mentions:

Roofing Solutions, LLC was awarded an Honorable Mention for Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital, a new, six-story hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Given such a sensitive property, an SBS modified bitumen roofing system was trusted to provide the necessary protection while also allowing for special roof artwork that’s visible from the patients’ windows.

An Honorable Mention was awarded to HAC Construction for Casa de Lupita Diamond Gate, a beautiful home in El Paso, Texas. After witnessing asphalt’s longevity through their previous 30-year-old roof, the homeowners instructed the contractor to install a modern asphalt roofing system.

Brennan Exteriors, LLC was awarded an Honorable Mention for the Elm Grove Castle, an attractive new construction home in Wisconsin. Asphalt shingles were selected for their aesthetics and affordability compared to natural slate.

After 30 years, the Littleton home’s original dimensional asphalt shingles were finally nearing the end of their lifecycle. Located in an area around Denver where hailstorms are common, the homeowners asked Advanced Construction Roofing to install a polymer modified asphalt shingle roofing system with Class 4 impact resistance, earning an Honorable Mention.

For more information about this year’s winners or to submit your best asphalt roofing project for the 2020 awards program, visit www.asphaltroofing.org.