Trespa introduces a new product collection - Meteon Focus - and adds five new metallic colors to its Meteon Lumen series. Designers and architects now have an entirely new range of ways to create innovative looks and effects for façades. The products use metallic reflections of light, coincidental compositions and enigmatic traces to break up surfaces and help create exciting identities for exteriors. Trespa will showcase the offerings at AIA 2017 in booth 3745.  

The new Meteon Focus collection allows architects to design façades that move beyond uni colors or naturally looking decors, creating building exteriors where history, culture and imagination intertwine. The Meteon Focus Santiago designs are based on an abstract interpretation of a cityscape, defined by light reflections and building contours. The Meteon Focus Brooklyn designs are inspired by intriguing ephemeral traces, leaving space for viewers to fill in part of the story.   

The new Trespa Meteon Focus range offers new innovative looks and effects for façades. Please click image for high-resolution file.

The expanded Meteon Lumen collection gives architects greater design freedom as they bring façades to life with reflections of light. The five new metallic colors enhance the ways to creatively manipulate light and introduce subtle differences between panels on the façade. All colors are available in three finishes to add greater movement, depth and tone to building exteriors.  

The ‘Diffuse’ finish removes glossiness, reflection and texture. It scatters light, giving façades a smooth, subdued appearance for a sense of tranquillity. The ‘Oblique’ finish has a pleasantly uneven matt-and-gloss surface that brings a natural, weathered look to any façade. The ‘Specular’ finish reflects its surroundings, adding liveliness with deep colors and gloss. It helps buildings become seamlessly integrated into their environment.