New JTS 1 joint and termination sealant from Mule-Hide Products Co. allows users to quickly and easily seal large joints and roof termination bars – including those submerged under water – with no sagging or shrinking and minimal odor.

The 100 percent solids moisture-cure urethane sealant delivers excellent adhesion to EPDM and PVC membranes, concrete, masonry, wood, vinyl and other common building materials. Primer is required when using it on TPO membranes.

JTS 1 offers exceptional workability for quick, easy application in both dry and wet surface applications. It has a tack-free time of just 30 minutes – significantly shorter than other joint and termination sealants – further enhancing crew efficiency.

The solids content of JTS 1 eliminates shrinking and sagging. The sealant can, therefore, be used to provide watertight closure of joints up to 2 inches wide and 1-inch deep; many other joint and termination sealants have a maximum recommended joint width of only one-half inch. And when applied to vertical surfaces, the bead stays in place, rather than oozing down the joint.

JTS 1 is isocyanate-free, enabling it to be packaged in durable plastic cartridges without losing workability. Unlike cardboard tubes, the cartridges can be submerged under water to repair roof leaks, gutters and downspouts. They also better withstand the rigors of transportation, storage and jobsite conditions without becoming damaged.

Solvent-free JTS 1 has minimal odor. Its volatile organic compound (VOC) content of less than 10 grams per liter makes its use allowable in areas with VOC restrictions.

JTS 1 is available in eight colors – White, Black, Bronze, Gray, Limestone, Wicker/Tan and Terra Cotta.

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