Proper Termination of Positive Side Waterproofing

Proper termination of waterproofing at positive side footings is critical to the long-term success of the waterproofing system. The membrane waterproofing should terminate a minimum of 8 inches above grade. This is correct for all waterproofing systems - builtup, self-adhered, single-ply, bentonite and liquid applied systems. Waterproofing that terminates below grade - even with reglet or termination bar closures - is vulnerable to moisture infiltration because water can migrate behind the membrane through cracks in the wall or above the reglet.

Termination at the top of the waterproofing should be completed with the system manufacturer’s approved mastic or liquid applied sealant. Application should be in accordance with the manufacturer’s latest requirements. The waterproofing membrane above grade must be protected from ultraviolet degradation through a cover application of cement parging, insulation, masonry or non-corrosive metal. Due to the fact that the application of the covering material may be completed long after the installation of the waterproofing, the designer should indicate a temporary covering solution on the drawings so that the waterproofing is protected from the outset.