From a crushing cross check to the boards, to a stunning guitar solo, sports fans and concert-goers alike are reveling in the newly renovated and acoustically enhanced Rogers Place, which opened its doors on schedule for the Edmonton Oilers season opener on October 12 in downtown Edmonton, Alberta.

Inside the facility, CertainTeed Ceilings Decoustics Claro custom panels are the highlight of Ford Hall (formerly the Winter Garden) grand atrium entrance. The Claro panels were created to add a dynamic finishing effect to this complex project involving almost 33,000 square-feet of curved ceiling panels. Designed to provide an airy, open feel, while ensuring ease of access for maintenance, Claro panels integrate into Decoustics’ 100 percent downward accessible Ceilencio ceiling suspension system.

These pre-curved panels are constructed from absorptive material and achieve a sound reverberation rate of a mere three seconds. Stadium fans are thrilled with the result — a high reflectance ceiling that envelopes them with sounds of the upcoming event and brings powerful music to their ears faster than ever.

Working in partnership with leading architects and designers from HOK of Kansas City, Missouri, close to 1,200 Claro panels were manufactured with a coated finish of light stipple texture to simulate drywall and incorporated over 600 light fixtures with varying diameters.

Superintendent Mark Dorwart, director of T Bar Mark Inc., was thrilled with the end result, stating that the final photos were a virtual replica of the original architectural mock-up rendering.

“The accuracy and consistency of the Decoustics product was impressive,” said Dorwart.

Decoustics Claro panels offer an acoustically transparent finish, mimic the appearance of drywall/plaster, can be coloured to match any paint chip and are ideal for areas where indirect lighting is required. The panels achieve a 90 percent reflectance on the standard white (CSW-100), and the finish provides a monolithic appearance that can be used in both ceiling and wall applications.

For over 40 years, Decoustics has served as a leader in interior architectural products through the design and manufacture of innovative acoustical ceiling panels, wall panels and systems. The custom division of CertainTeed Ceilings, Decoustics specializes in custom-engineered, high-precision solutions backed by world-class expertise and technical support. For more information, visit