Cladiators launched Calor at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Convention 2016. The Cladiators patent-pending, ASTM-tested technology included complete solutions for pressure-equalized rainscreens, insulated thermal-break panel systems, interior installations and removable panel installations.

Cladiators attachment system and components in the Calor line do not require routes or returns, resulting in:

  • Reduction in the amount of required panel material;
  • Reduced fabrication and lead time for panel delivery to your job site; and
  • Reduced installation effort.

“In less time, Cladiators can be installed quickly and easily with less waste,” says Louis Guney, vice president, Cladiators. “The unique Calor system of panels, attachments and stiffeners is the perfect cladding solution for any project that would use traditional ACM panels.”

Plus, Cladiators unique Sliding Stiffener system supports panel installations of any length without the need for field measurements. Calor offers continuous panel edge locking that delivers amazing performance with a clean, flat finish.

The line includes full customizable panels as well as attachments, color-matched finishing strips, insulated hat and Z channels, thermal break pads, and more, for a complete system, all available in eight colors.

Cladiators is offered exclusively through Acpexpress, a creative team experienced in the ACM industry, specializing in manufacturing and fabrication of attachment systems, located in North Bergen, N.J.

“We are excited to partner with Cladiators as the exclusive distributor of Calor in the United States,” says Sean Finn, vice president, Cladiators. “We are confident that architects and designers will be impressed with the cost and time-savings resulting from specifying this ASTM-tested product line as well as the clean look and finish.”

For more information about Calor, visit Cladiators online at