A seamless, monolithic, elastomeric membrane designed to seal exterior above-grade wall assemblies and mitigate air infiltration/exfiltration, vapor transmission and water penetration from Tremco.


  • UL Certified for NFPA 285 providing ease of specification and confidence that exterior wall systems are code compliant for fire propagation characteristics and air and water resistance.
  • The ability to roller or spray apply the material accelerates installation times when compared to traditional self-adhered membrane systems.
  • Specifically formulated for high temperature resistance allowing product stability at intermittent temperatures up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit and can be used for projects where high temperature exposures is a concern.
  • Contains a UV resistant formulation that grants the flexibility to install rainscreen systems with open joints or allows extended membrane exposure during the construction process.
  • Custom coloring is available to meet all design needs.