There comes a point in every structure’s history where it goes from standing tall to the point of looking like its seen better days. If you are working on a building that has reached this moment, the problem is much greater than simply looking outdated, there’s also energy deficiency and occupancy discomfort to consider. Since rolling out a wrecking ball and bulldozer are not likely options, it’s time to explore the many advantages of retrofitting a building with a brand new facade system.

Building Rejuvenation

When it comes to a lot of older buildings, heating and cooling was dependent on the use of a high thermal inertia. While the process was effective, new technology now expedites this process. As described by the National Park Service Department of the Interior, a “wall with high thermal inertia, subjected to solar radiation for an hour, will absorb the heat at its outside surface, but slowly transfer it to the interior over a period as long as six hours. Conversely, a wall having the equivalent thermal resistance (R-value), but a substantially lower thermal inertia, will transfer the heat in perhaps as little as two hours.”

With an aluminum composite wall cladding system attached, the building will benefit from an R-value of 7.5 per inch. This can even help buildings with heavy masonry walls as the high R-value will help with overall energy efficiency. With energy costs rising yearly, this addition will result in thousands of dollars saved over a course of the building’s lifespan.

Occupancy Discomfort

Taking advantage of better indoor air quality is also a big benefit that comes with retrofitting with a better facade system. By preventing the transfer of heat and the elimination of gaps for air to enter or escape, a new facade system will help maintain a constant and comfortable temperature throughout the building. By stifling air leakage, you deter moisture build up. This will go a long way in helping your building stay mold free, and potentially keeping your occupants free from mildew related illnesses and allergies that could follow.

Cosmetic Upgrade

One of the most appealing benefits of using a new facade system to retrofit your building is the most apparent feature: aesthetic appeal. Facade systems are a quick way to not only give buildings a modern look but, in many cases, it will also make it the best looking building on the block. Facade systems can transform your building with the help of aluminum, brick, or a ceramic tile panel. Another feature to retrofitting your building is the direct advantage of the units being built as a single component system. They are built off-site so when it is time to install they can be installed in half the time as traditional multi-component units.

For more information about retrofitting your project with the help of facade systems, visit industry leader BENCHMARK by Kingspan for additional features and examples of use.