More than 40 million small businesses are actively using Facebook to market their products, connect with customers and grow their business. As more businesses join Facebook, how can you be sure to remain competitive with your customers? Verify your business page!
What’s the purpose of verified pages?

Anyone can create a Facebook page for a business or brand, but page verification helps users distinguish between authentic businesses and fan-made business pages. Verifying your Facebook business page also helps customers find you since verified pages rank high in search results.

Facebook verification badges

There are currently two different types of Facebook page verification badges; one is blue and one is grey. As noted by Facebook, gray badges are used to verify businesses pages while blue badges are used to verify pages that represent a celebrity, public figure, media outlet, etc.

How do you verify your business page?

The easiest way for you to verify your business page is through your page’s “page settings”. From there, click on “general” and then click on “page verification”. Next click on “verify this page” and then “get started”. Enter the phone number for your business and then click “call me now”. You will then receive an automated phone call from Facebook with a 4 digit verification code. Enter the 4 digit code, click “continue”, and you’re done!

You can also verify your Facebook business page with a business document. Follow the steps above and click “verify this page with documents instead”. You will upload a picture of an official document showing your business’s name and address.

Once you enter the verification code or official document, Facebook will match the phone number or official document to public records to make sure that you are verifying the correct business page. This can sometimes take a few days – so if your page does not get a verification badge right away, don’t worry. If there is a problem with the verification, Facebook will often email you with an update.

What if Facebook’s page verification is not working?

One mistake that business owners often make when verifying their Facebook business page is entering a phone number that is not the main business line. For example, your business page may list your main 800-number but when you go to verify your page you enter your cell phone number instead. When verifying your page, always use the main number listed in the “about” section of your page.

Another reason why the page verification process may not be working is, when you are requesting the call for the verification code, you are letting the phone ring too many times. Since it is an automated message, it may begin if your phone is not answered right away. Before you request verification for your page, make sure you are in front of the phone!

Finally, you may not be able to verify a business page unless you have “admin” status. Learn more about admin roles for Facebook pages here.
Still have questions?

If you have questions about verifying your Facebook business page don’t hesitate to contact us today!