The Foundation for Social Connection released a new report discussing evidence-based solutions to address the public health crisis of loneliness and isolation. 

It focuses on the crucial role of community planning, design, and policy-making processes in fostering social connectedness. With studies consistently demonstrating the significant health consequences of prolonged social disconnection, the report explores the intricate link between our physical environment and social well-being, aiming to guide the creation of resilient and thriving communities.

Developed with the leadership of co-chairs Risa Wilkerson, Executive Director of Healthy Places by Design, and Erin Peavey, Architect and Health & Well-being Design Leader at HKS, the report marks the fourth installment in the Foundation's SOCIAL Framework series.

Additional guidance was provided by experts from the Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Council, 8/80 Cities, the National Parks and Recreation Association, and the University of Minnesota.

We got the chance to sit down with Peavey to talk about this report and what it means for the AEC industry.