Crawford-Tracey Corporation (CTC), an innovator in commercial glazing and a leading glazing contractor serving the Southeastern U.S. and the Caribbean, announced the Pro-Tech Flood Barrier system that includes the Pro-Tech 7SG FB and Pro-Tech 9SG FB. Natural hazards, including high wind pressure, wind-borne debris impact, and flooding, continue to be the leading causes of commercial and industrial property damage worldwide. Crawford-Tracey is committed to the innovation of architectural glazing products that meet the increasing demand for property protection and evolving building code requirements.

Crawford-Tracey's impact-rated Pro-Tech series is the only unitized structurally glazed curtain wall and storefront system that has a water-resistant rating of 100 PSF and has now been tested and approved by FM Approvals per the ANSI/FM 2510 testing standard as a flood rated passive glazing system for opening barrier applications. The Pro-Tech 7SG FB is a structurally glazed 7-inch profile curtain wall and storefront system, and the Pro-Tech 9SG FB is a similar glazing system with a 9-inch profile to meet taller spans and withstand higher wind and flood loads.

The ANSI/FM 2510 Testing Standard is one of the most rigorous certification standards in the world, which evaluates the performance of a product in realistic flood and floating debris impact conditions. Under the standard's testing parameters, the Pro-Tech 7SG FB was tested and rated for 4-feet of water and the Pro-Tech 9SG FB was tested and rated for 7-feet of water. The results of these tests revealed that, unlike other glazing systems, both Pro-Tech Flood Barrier systems exhibited no water intrusion from the glazing system during a 24-hour period, outperforming industry standards. Based on this outstanding performance, Crawford-Tracey is excited and committed to continued testing to include other glazing products and reach higher flood loads.    

"We designed our flood barrier system to meet the increasing demand for flood protection that exceeds the standard requirements for commercial buildings, particularly in areas prone to flooding due to severe weather conditions like tropical storms and hurricanes," said Ray Crawford, president of Crawford-Tracey. "Our two innovative flood barrier glazing products offer an appealing and unobtrusive glass design without having to provide bulky surrounding framework, so they maintain the same elegance as a standard glazing system while providing greater protection."

Crawford-Tracey has been innovating glazing systems since 1956. The company developed, tested, and installed the first impact-resistant, four-sided, structurally glazed system in the United States and continues to set the standard for high-performance commercial glazing products, exceeding the most demanding project requirements.

"Flooding occurs more than ever, not only in coastal hurricane-prone areas but throughout the country. These increasing occurrences are impacting flood zones where development has increased significantly, putting buildings at a greater risk of flooding, especially as climate change increases the potential for extreme weather," said Crawford. "We are excited to offer these two curtain wall systems to help commercial buildings better withstand flood damage." 


KEY FEATURES AT A GLANCE: Crawford-Tracey's Pro-Tech Flood Barrier System 

  • FM Approved and certified per ANSI/FM 2510, Flood Abatement Standard 
  • Hurricane impact-rated system with a static wind pressure water-resistance rating of 100 PSF, the industry's highest rating, and is now currently approved to resist 4 feet and 7 feet of flood water with floating debris impact.  
  • Maintains a clear view and aesthetic, without a bulky surrounding framework, while effectively safeguarding against flood events 24/7.
  • Capable of withstanding winds exceeding 195 mph with approval by Miami-Dade County and the State of Florida for hurricane-impact resistance.
  • Meets the requirements for both large missile impact and small missile impact applications.
  • Competitive price when compared to other flood barrier curtain wall systems.


For more information about Crawford-Tracey and their flood barrier products, contact them at 954-246-1890 or