Award-winning architecture, design, and strategy firm NELSON Worldwide announced the advancement of Tyler Rice to Director, Environmental Graphic Design (EGD). Tyler will continue to provide high-level creative guidance from a projects’ inception all the way through to completion. On any given day, he could be kicking off the experience strategy for a new QSR concept, digging into construction details for a Workplace branding package or mentoring NELSON’s younger designers to help them build their own confidence and passion for design.

“Tyler is a talented leader and an integral part of the NELSON Worldwide team,” says Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at NELSON Worldwide, John “Ozzie” Nelson Jr. “A fantastic collaborator, I look forward to watching him meaningfully integrate environmental graphics and branding across all NELSON practices.” 

Passionate about championing the best idea for any given problem, Tyler elevates the most innovative solutions to meet client needs. In addition to the work Tyler already does in the retail and workplace practices, he will also integrate environmental graphics and branding across other practices, from healthcare and hospitality, to industrial and beyond. Recognizing that a brand’s identity is much deeper than a mark or typeface, Tyler and team develop solutions that combine a company’s mission and values, setting brands apart by cutting through the clutter with relevant and memorable disruption.

“Some of our clients may only get a chance to build a new headquarters, restaurant prototype, or project once or twice in their careers,” notes Tyler. “I often remind myself of that fact, and look to approach each project with a level of gratitude and enthusiasm because we get to do it everyday. It’s humbling to recognize that we can create immersive experiences that build deeper connections.” 

With more than 10 years’ experience in the industry, Tyler joined NELSON Worldwide as Senior Graphic Designer in 2021. His prior experience includes time as a designer for a creative agency that produced environmental graphics for major sporting events, stadiums, and training facilities across the country. Seeing how fans and athletes connected to their passions through the projects he was a part of was especially rewarding. Now, through his work at NELSON, Tyler feels the same rewarding experience can be achieved by helping people feel more connected to their own places of work and the brands they interact with through graphic design.