YKK AP America Inc. (YKK AP) expands its line of storefront systems with the introduction of the thermally broken and pre-glazed YHS 50 TU storefront system. A new addition to the company’s ProTek® family of impact and blast-resistant products, the pre-glazed YHS 50 TU is designed to meet the construction industry’s continued need for fast installation and high thermal performance, while withstanding the most demanding conditions.

YHS 50 TU - OG - Pre-Glazed - Exterior-FULL.jpg“Storefront systems are a crucial element to so many architectural projects today, particularly retail and mixed-use buildings,” said Mike Turner, senior vice president of sales and marketing at YKK AP America Inc.  “The original YHS 50 TU storefront system has performed well in hurricanes over the past 25 years. Now, with the ability to pre-glaze in the shop, glazing contractors will experience enhanced quality control, shorter time on the job site, and the ability to compete more effectively on larger jobs above the ground floor.” 

The pre-glazed YHS 50 TU storefront system can handle 10-foot-tall spans at 70 pounds per square foot (psf) with standard mullions and 12-foot-tall spans at 40 psf.  It also offers a U-value of 0.41, with standard low-E glass, and can achieve higher thermal performance with advanced glazing. It is also incredibly versatile with multiple options, including:

●       Pre-glazed or field glazed;

●       Inside or outside glazed options; 

●       Compatibility with YKK AP’s H-series entrances; and,

●       Optional glazing configuration tested to STC = 43; OITC = 35.


The thermally broken storefront system utilizes ThermaBond Plus® technology, a patented process that greatly improves the adhesion of the polyurethane thermal break material to the extruded aluminum. The system features the Model 35H/50H entrance door with maximum-security deadbolts or optional exit devices for egress requirements. It seamlessly integrates with YKK AP architectural windows with vent offerings.

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