Worldwide, billions of birds are killed annually when they collide with glass windows and building facades during migration. Whether reflecting the sky or landscapes, offering indiscernible transparency, or projecting interior lights, architectural glass can cause a threat to bird safety. It is a major concern for architects, building owners and ornithologists everywhere.

Saflex FlySafe 3D PVB interlayer was developed as a highly effective solution to address bird threats from architectural glass without compromising on aesthetics. That is why FlySafe 3D is an excellent choice to use with 4BIRD®Lami from Saint-Gobain Glass, one of a new series of bird-friendly glazing solutions combining COOL-LITE® solar control coated glass. 

“With Saflex FlySafe 3D at its core, Saint-Gobain’s 4BIRD®Lami addresses environmental concerns that architects and builders may have, such as building efficiency and comfort and preserving biodiversity,” says Oliver Osborne, commercial director of AMI architecture with Eastman. “FlySafe 3D PVB interlayer provides the bird-friendly benefit, while COOL-LITE® solar control coating prevents solar heat gain.” 

“We are excited to use Eastman’s highly regarded Saflex FlySafe 3D interlayer technology for our 4BIRD®Lami product,” says Pascal Chartier, glass facade marketing director at Saint-Gobain Glass.

Saflex FlySafe 3D has been tested and rated as a highly effective solution to avoid bird collisions and does not compromise on the view or beauty of glass facades — and it will remain just as effective with the COOL-LITE® solar control coating. FlySafe 3D features three-dimensional, reflective sequins between two layers of glass. The discreet sequin pattern covers less than 1% of the glass area.

Since its 2022 introduction, Saflex FlySafe 3D has won a Best of Products award for building materials in the glass category from The Architect's Newspaper and was also named the jury winner of the 2022 Architizer’s A+Awards in the Positive Impact category. In addition, it has already been specified in numerous building projects around the world.

Saflex FlySafe 3D is bird friendly made beautiful and Saint-Gobain’s COOL-LITE® solar control coating reduces heat gain. Together, these products make a great combination to protect birds and conserve energy in Saint-Gobain’s new 4BIRD®Lami.