The Project
Name: Industrial Warehouse – New Construction
Address: 3000 Channahon Road, Joliet, IL
Square Footage: 45,000 sq. ft.
Project Duration: 2/28/23 – 3/2/23
Contractor: Weatherguard Roofing Co., Elgin, IL

The Proposal
This 45,000-square-foot warehouse project was wide-open new construction. The roofing contractor, Weatherguard Roofing, suggested a Versico induction welded TPO system for the roof. Versico’s VersiWeld TPO roofs provide excellent long-term protection and induction-welded systems help roofers save labor during installation. To further increase productivity, Weatherguard decided to use Versico’s new 16-foot-wide TPO sheets on the project so there would be fewer rolls to install and fewer seams to weld.

The Products
• Two layers 2.6"-thick VersiCore® Polyiso Insulation
• HPVX Fasteners and RhinoBond® Plates
• 16'-wide .060 VersiWeld TPO membrane induction welded to RhinoBond Plates

The Process
On the first day of the project, the Weatherguard Roofing’s 7-man crew installed 16 sheets – more than 25,000 square feet of membrane. There was a little learning curve, but they were able to improve productivity starting on day one. The crew began by fastening two layers of 2.6-inch-thick VersiCore Polyiso Insulation to the metal deck with HPVX Fasteners and RhinoBond Plates.

After installing the insulation, they kicked out the 16-foot-wide TPO rolls and placed an induction welding tool over the membrane where the RhinoBond Plates were located. Versico’s non-penetrating induction welded systems use the same fastener and plate to secure the membrane and insulation to the deck, creating an FM-approved assembly with no entry point for moisture. The crew ran two RhinoBond machines and one welder for seams and the project was completed in just three days.

Final Thoughts
Roger Wahl, President of Weatherguard Roofing: “After using the 16-foot rolls on this project, we realized we were able to lay more roof down in the same time frame. The welding is the same, the way they lay out the sheets is the same, they’re just getting more coverage area every day they do it.”

Dan Schmidt, Sales Rep for Comstruct Sales: “Weatherguard Roofing has always been an early adopter of technology, and they’re really good at finding ways to improve their productivity while maintaining a high level of quality. For them it was a no brainer to give the 16-foot rolls a try. The crew was happy, the owner was happy, everyone was thrilled with the results and the productivity they saw. They’re definitely going to use 16-foot rolls again.”