Zweig Group has announced the 2023 ElevateHER® cohort, a special task force comprised of individuals with a commitment to promote diversity as a means to combat recruiting and retention challenges in the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. 

ElevateHER® ensures underrepresented demographics find success in the AEC industry by serving as an advisor and a hub of information and resources. The previous three cohorts worked as different project teams, each concentrating on a particular challenge or focus area in order to provide an end product or strategy that can make a measurable impact on the AEC industry. The 2023 cohort will build upon these past projects and research, as well as develop some new ideas and initiatives.

“The relationship and camaraderie that develop between the cohort members are a bonus that makes the program even more meaningful,” said Shirley Che, marketing director at Zweig Group. “These individuals do not only come together to create tangible solutions to tackle the AEC recruitment and retention challenge, they build a robust personal network through the ElevateHER® experience that will continue to flourish. Cohort members and alumni become each other’s trusted personal resource, and that’s incredibly invaluable.”

All individuals, regardless of age, experience, gender, background, or job role, were welcome and encouraged to apply. View the 2023 roster here. 

Zweig Group invites you to join the 2023 cohort at the upcoming annual ElevateHER® Symposium on Wednesday, February 15, 2023, in Dallas, TX. Registration is now open, click here for more information.