The Steel Window Institute (SWI) announces the publication of a new article detailing the strength and resilience of solid, hot-rolled steel windows and doors. The article, titled “The Resilience of Steel Windows and Doors,” was produced by the institute’s leading manufacturers of steel windows and doors.

Solid hot-rolled steel windows and doors are manufactured from thick gauge steel. The thicker material promotes a more resilient product. It is the strength of solid, hot-rolled steel that enables the graceful, slender lines, larger lites of glass, design flexibility, and weather and impact resistance that give steel windows and doors their remarkable combination of strength and visual appeal. 

SWI details additional benefits of steel windows and doors that are highly valued by architects in commercial and residential markets, including unique aesthetic possibilities. Numerous end use applications in countless architectural styles are highlighted in the article. 

The article also includes information on the importance of steel windows and doors relative to energy conservation through larger lites of glass, leading to spaces that are more pleasant, healthful, and productive. 

“The Resilience of Steel Windows and Doors” article can be downloaded from the SWI website. For more information about the institute and its standard of excellence in steel windows and doors, visit