SAF, a global metals distributor, fabricator, and finisher recently invested in a new double bending machine to augment its fabrication capabilities and enhance speed of service for customers. The Jorns JDB-200 is a fully automatic, double beam architectural metal forming machine that specializes in the bending of complex metal profiles. The new machine has been incorporated into the production operation at SAF’s Villa Rica, GA, location.

“Adding new machinery helps us stay on the cutting edge of manufacturing, makes us a more efficient fabricator, and allows us to better service our customers,” said Penn McClatchey, CEO at SAF. “The Jorns JDB-200 makes us more competitive when offering roof components and corrugated, tapered, and lap siding wall panels due to lower operating costs and increased metal forming capacity.”

The machine’s servo-technology allows for automatic loading, bending, and unloading of materials. It also features independent finger clamping which eases the fabrication of complex, tapered shapes and reduces labor requirements by allowing a single technician to operate the machine.

The JDB-200 can be programmed to recall previous shapes and profiles to aid in the fabrication of replacement parts or for multi-phase construction projects. This capability is especially vital in the event of damages that may occur during shipping or once materials are being transported or handled on the job site for installation.

“The JDB-200 facilitates the fabrication of complex decorative profiles, trims, and flashings, which are all essential to get to our customers in a prompt fashion so that they can complete their projects on time,” said Frank Buchholz, general manager at SAF’s Villa Rica fabrication facility. “These are profiles that we had been producing, but the JDB-200 makes us much more efficient and dramatically shortens lead times so that we can get products out the door and into customers’ hands.”

SAF incorporated the Jorns JDB-200 into its production processes in the first quarter of 2022.