Blaik Ritchie has joined NELSON Worldwide as Vice President and Mixed-Use Business Leader. Under Blaik’s leadership, the firm’s mixed-use team will expand its capabilities to create dynamic destinations that inspire engagement. 

“Blaik’s extensive experience in business development, research, client engagement, and studio leadership will support continued growth for the firm,” says Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NELSON Worldwide, John “Ozzie” Nelson Jr. “We are confident that Blaik will support teams and deliver exceptional value to clients through all phases of a project.” 

Blaik brings over 30 years of experience to his new role. At NELSON, he will work on the operational side of the mixed-use practice. Some of these activities include supporting and assisting various NELSON offices in helping streamline mixed-use project management and planning. Additionally, Blaik will work across different market sectors, including retail, hospitality, residential, and workplace, to position the teams nationwide.

“Over the years, I’ve worked across four different continents. Through this experience, I’ve acquired a deeper understanding of how to approach architecture and design from a global perspective,” says Blaik. “I am excited to join the firm’s team of experts and come together with like-minded designers to drive continued growth within the mixed-use sector.” 

Passionate about sustainability, Blaik intends to find a more holistic approach to using resources effectively and intelligently. This includes locally sourced labor and materials, resulting in the delivery of better products while remaining cost-effective. He will also work alongside architects to provide the guidance and mentorship needed to support projects in ever-evolving industries.  

To date, Blaik has produced projects throughout the United States as well as Africa, Europe, and South America. His work has been recognized with design awards from the AIA and the IIDA for architecture and interior design projects.