The Charlotte Regional Realtor Association (CRRA) asked Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, Charlotte, to design a new headquarters adjacent to its previous site. The group wanted a space that was iconic and inviting to its members and the real-estate industry. Dri-Design Wall Panels were selected to clad the building because metal best supported the design concept, performance requirements and budget considerations.

“The Charlotte Midtown location and the siting was strategically placed such that CRRA would be a visible landmark for and ‘front door’ to the community. Visible and experienced from multiple scales, the CRRA headquarters has a presence that is intended to be an open invitation and a welcome,” says Garrett Herbst, AIA, an architect with Little Diversified Architectural Consulting.   

Bonitz Inc., Concord, N.C., installed 14,000 square feet of 0.080-inch aluminum Dri-Design Wall Panels in Windfresh, Skyline and Pave Stone colors. Dri-Design Painted Aluminum Panels offer the ultimate design flexibility for exterior and interior applications. The panels are painted using Fluoropolymer-based paints for long-lasting finish durability. Dri-Design finishers use a 100-percent air-capture system to destroy the VOCs produced, so there is no adverse environmental impact. The panels are available in any color, including custom options.

“A few factors that contributed to the choice of Dri-Design include outstanding design services, flexible modular sizes, speed to construction, aesthetics and performance. The concept of the metal panels is driven from the role of the realtors mission, turning houses into homes and homes into communities. The gradation of color from light to dark symbolizes the creation of those communities at the scale of the city block, with the panels reflecting those individual plots transforming into a new and welcoming neighborhood,” Herbst says.

Adding LEED features into the building was important to CRRA. Metal accomplishes this with its longevity, recycled content and recyclability. Dri-Design Wall Panels have additional environmentally friendly traits because the panels do not have a plastic core. They also do not use joint sealants or gaskets, which are petroleum-based products. Other sustainable features in the building include: bicycle facilities, green vehicle parking spaces and electric charging stations, a cool roof system, outdoor/indoor water use reductions, advanced energy metering, energy-efficient mechanical and lighting systems, and low-emitting materials.

“The Charlotte community will recognize this building as an iconic part of the neighborhood, and the Dri-Design panels certainly add to that visibility,” says Brad Zeeff, president of Dri-Design. “Metal is a diverse material because of its ability to create a standout structure that also compliments the surroundings and feels like home.”

The 5-acre site with the 58,000-square-foot building is home to CRRA headquarters, the Carolina Multiple Listing Services Inc., Mingle School of Real Estate and The Housing Opportunity Foundation. Retail and leasable spaces also are included.

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