SOPREMA®, Inc. unveiled the latest additions to its renowned SOPRANATURE® product line, which is known for transforming roofs of all kinds into green and green amenity spaces while maintaining their waterproofing features.

SOPRANATURE® vegetated systems offer various social, economic and environmental benefits to building owners and communities, including enhanced building performance and increased asset value.

SOPREMA — a leader in the commercial roofing, waterproofing, wall protection and civil engineering industries — has added three featured products to its SOPRANATURE® line:

  • SOPRANATURE® TOUNDRA BOX – a pre-vegetated modular tray system composed of a box made of 100% recycled polypropylene and removable, recyclable white belts containing a filter fabric and a growing medium in which a mix of sedum species is cultivated. 
  • SOPRAFILTER – a fabric made of non-woven needle-punched polypropylene and polyester fibers used as filter cloth or as separation sheet in protected membrane roofing systems and in SOPRANATURE® green roofs, roof gardens and plaza decks.
  • SOPRADRAIN™ ECOVENT – a geometric patterned core drainage mat designed to eliminate hydrostatic pressure on vegetated roofs, foundation walls, retaining walls, planter and plaza decks while providing a protection fabric for the waterproof membrane.

Compatible with any SOPREMA commercial roofing and waterproofing product, SOPRANATURE vegetated systems create total building envelope and ecological systems that serve a much greater purpose than simple beautification. They help reduce stormwater runoff, improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to replacing mineral surfaces with permeable and living surfaces within the building, they compensate for the loss of ecosystem services caused by urban development.

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