The Opaline metal panel, manufactured by ATAS International, has long been a popular wall cladding option.  Now, this flexible panel, in four profiles, can be used as a linear metal ceiling.  It can be snapped into a suspension carrier to create a complete system, or mechanically attached to most standard substrates.

Opaline offers a few different panel widths, depending on the profile selected; from 4” up to 8 ½”.  The panel depth is ¾” and is manufactured in .032 or .040 aluminum, 24-gauge metallic coated steel, and 16- or 20-ounce copper.  The surface texture can be smooth or embossed (including a wood grain embossing pattern) and is available in over 40 stock 70% PVDF colors, including wood grain print coats.  Custom colors are also available.  Opaline ceilings join ATAS’ Linear Ceiling product, in acoustical and non-acoustical formats.  Microperforations are optional and recommended for interior use only.

Metal panels have been widely used as roofing and wall cladding material for decades.  Recently, the use of metal walls and ceilings inside of a building have become more prominent.  Metal has many desirable features for interior applications, including fire resistance, longevity, and minimal maintenance.  Other positive attributes are the high-quality time-proven finish and pretreatment technologies in the panel coatings, as well as the inherent desired aspects of non-coated natural metals.

Kevin Cox, ATAS’ Director of Interior Business Development, stated, “A multitude of reveals, profiles, colors, gauges, and perforations are offered in Opaline.  With it’s uninterrupted, sleek, and continuous appearance, it lends itself to an unlimited number of design applications that are as resilient as they are beautiful. A perfect solution for today’s sustainable world.”